Reverb Is How the New Generation Works

Reverb Is How the New Generation Works

Work is changing.

Teams are using a variety of media to communicate.

Before the internet, we used phone, fax, and paper.

In the 2000’s we used email. Exclusively.

Slack became popular in the mid 2010’s and changed the game. Now we could use real time messaging to communicate with work.

We could send messages, files, images, and video in real time. We had a reliable collaborative chat with many integrations.

Slack is version 3.0 of work collaboration tools. Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business are some of the other popular tools in this category.

But 4.0 is around the corner.

The generation that grew up with Snapchat wants more personal communication.

Reverb is Slack + Snapchat + Email.

Reverb is how the new generation works.

Email is grey bland cubicles. Work messengers are colorful shared work spaces. Reverb is work from home…or from an AirBnB in Spain.

Reverb is about sharing. It’s tone-friendly and expressive. You can say more with the tone of your voice than you ever can in an email.

Reverb is for people who want to reach their readers’ souls and not their eyes; and Reverb is for people who want to do this off the cuff in a less than a minute as opposed to a long written message which won’t be read it its entirety anyway.

Reverb is for the busy the manager who has to issue quick orders to her team, but is always on the run and doesn’t necessarily have the time to type everything out.

Or the remote worker who can be made to feel like part of the team through more than just text and scheduled calls.

Poor communication is the primary cause of failure amongst remote teams. 50% of the US workforce is expected to be remote by 2020 and in the EU the latest figures estimate 25 million remote workers.

Slack messages and emails are impersonal and it’s easy for team members to misinterpret them. Calls, the next best solution, are inconvenient, require scheduling, interrupts workflow, and often waste time.

Reverb is the solution to this. It’s for bosses, employees, and anybody who appreciates empathy.

Reverb is voice first. It is about sharing your thoughts and your personality.

Reverb is expression first.

Reverb is how the new generation works.

Email hello [@] reverb [dot] chat to join our beta.

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