A COVID-19 mask is taken off as an employee is working from home on a laptop

Working from home due to COVID-19? Here’s how we can make it easier for you.

According to The National, The “Coronavirus is a pivotal test for the future of remote work and distance learning.” More and more offices are encouraging employees to work from home and more and more schools are closing.

Here’s how we can help.

Right now you can use Reverb Record to quickly send voice messages to your team, over email, or over Slack. We give you infinite messages to create, and we’ve made everything free to use with no strings attached. It’s like sending a voice note on Whatsapp or iMessage.

You can send voice messages right now at https://record.reverb.chat/.

Why would you want to use this?

In multiple studies, the biggest challenges with remote work are associated with communication. People feel isolated, or they feel like they can’t get their point across, or they don’t have time to schedule and have a meeting, but still want to share their voice.

We made this tool so you can solve all these challenges.

While our main tool, a dedicated team voice and video messenger, is in development, Reverb Record is an easy, free, and fast way to quickly share your voice with your team.

COVID-19 is posing a serious challenge to offices and classrooms. We hope we can help.

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