The Reverb Record management screen

You Can Now Manage Your Reverbs

A lot of people have requested it: you can now manage your reverbs on Reverb Record!

If you create an optional account you get the abilities to delete, retitle, and go back to previous reverbs. This means if you record the PERFECT reverb and lose the link to it, you’ll now be able to pull it up. 🥳

This also means if you send somebody a reverb that you want gone, you can delete it, just like that.

Accounts are totally optional, and you don’t have to create one if you don’t want to. To skip the create account option, click on the X in the top right corner of the pop-up.

Your reverbs are also still anonymous and nobody can see a reverb’s author. 🕶

We hope you enjoy this new addition to Reverb Record, and we can’t wait to bring more in the future. 🎙🎧

As always please feel free to reach out and let us know what you think 📨 hello [at]

Until next time!

The Reverb Team

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