Reverb Record

Reverb Record – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can download your recordings with premium.

Recordings are stored and live until you delete them. Once you delete a recording, it is gone forever and nobody can listen to it.

Free users can have up to 10 recordings. If you record past the 10th recording, your least recent recording will be deleted.

Premium users can have unlimited recordings.

Only you and those with the link you share can play your recordings. Recordings remain entirely private otherwise.

Recordings can be up to 2-minutes long. At the end of the 2-minutes, your recording stops automatically for you to title and save.

Premium users can record for 30-minutes.

Please make sure that your browser has permission to use your microphone.

Aside from this, recording of audio is not possible on the mobile version of Google Chrome. If on Mobile, please use a different web browser.

For desktop, Reverb Record works on all web browsers.

If your question isn’t here, please feel free to contact us.