Education Equates Confidence: How Online Courses Are Disrupting Higher Education

Education Equates Confidence: How Online Courses Are Disrupting Higher Ed

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Education equates confidence.

When working alongside students, you’re not just preparing them with foundational knowledge to build on with experience.

Teaching is part providing that foundational knowledge and part providing confidence.

You’re providing students with the confidence to go out and obtain diverse experiences – knowing their worth and capabilities – as teaching mechanisms for further growth.

These experiences are in real life but can also be supplemented with online certification programs and courses.

Making education accessible through certification programs

Education is not widely accessible.

Student debt, especially in the time of COVID-19, makes higher education entirely inaccessible for some, and an onerous financial burden to many others.

Certification programs and online training bring education back into the realm of affordability, accessibility, and immediate application.

Platforms like Udemy and Coursera, for example, allow a customized continuing education experience.

Students can heighten their individual skill sets through these platforms, rather than following a standard degree program.

The value of traditional higher education

The value of traditional higher education will remain strong but will taper in popularity and necessity as online certification programs become more prominent and widely-accepted.

The main roadblock for online degree programs and certification programs are accreditation and national rankings.

Everything is changing.

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