The LUCK Acronym: A New Look at Distance Learning

The LUCK Acronym: A New Look at Distance Learning

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Let’s look at remote learning using a word all parents and children hope will trickle into life, getting things back to normal – LUCK.

What is LUCK? It’s an acronym going from lost to succeeding, and it’s a part of every parent and child’s journey.

Here’s what it stands for.

L – Lost in the weeds

There will be parents who have no idea where to start.

They may not even fully understand where the starting line begins. I live in a household with two college-educated parents. We are fortunate to have Internet all time to help our kids.

More so, we are tech-savvy, so everything from turning on the computer to navigating new programs and software are not small hurdles.

However, some parents cannot read, do not speak their country’s native tongue, barely know how to use a computer, and find helping their kids in daily learning to be a challenge.

It’s not that these parents don’t want to help. They simply may not have the skills to assist their children with their virtual lessons. These parents and children are, unfortunately, profoundly lost in the weeds.

L - Lost in the weeds

U – Underwater, but floating

There will be parents who feel like they are floating at times and then drowning at others.

Teaching is a stage. There are eyes planted on you, and children especially are continually absorbing the vibes you give off. If you float, they float. If you sink, they may sink too.

In these times, taking a break will be best for you and your child(ren).

Any struggle to breathe again becomes more like a hunt from some great abyss. It’s important to step back or out for some play or backyard time just before the water elevates above your head.

U - Underwater but floating

C – Comfortable

There will be parents who make it work, and this has everything to do with personality.

Do you see the glass as half full, or do you see the glass as half empty? Guess what? It doesn’t matter in the least. No matter how you see the cup/glass/saucer, who cares? These parents care how their child(ren) see the glass, just like teachers.

Let’s look at teachers. Teachers are real people. They have tons of up days and some down days. But guess what? Their students never know the difference between the two.

It’s not about the teachers’ daily moods. It’s about giving their best to each child and meeting the children exactly where they are.

Teaching is the most selfless discipline that feeds the most human beings on the face of the planet: learners.

Similarly, for many parents struggling with distance learning, it’s only about doing your best for your child(ren).

Bring the aura of the teacher, and you will feel comfortable.

If parents can tap into this zone, they will be greatly rewarded at the end of this roller coaster ride… even if their hair, make-up, clothing, and everything else is wildly disheveled at the end of it all.

C - Comfortable

K – Knocking it out the ballpark

There will be parents who knock it beyond the fence, hitting a home run.

This, currently, is the minority. However, this minority is growing.

Teaching is an art of patience, a science in timing, and a discipline in consistency.

Educators think about environment, materials, posters, carve out schedules, lessons, and ways to measure progress.

Unless you have experience leading a classroom or a similar stage, instructing your kids can be a BIG challenge.

Most parents will fall far short of professional teacher, but that does not mean failure.

Keep trying. Wake up every day and plug into the energy of your child(ren).

There is power in positivity, and after comfort, you are going to knock it out of the park.

K - Knocking it out the ballpark

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