Personalizing the Way Remote Classrooms Communicate

Personalizing the Way Remote Classrooms Communicate

Teaching is intimate and most effective when educators can form bonds with students. Current distance learning tools do not address this.

Online classrooms face unique difficulties, and many teachers are saying the same thing. It’s easy to collaborate remotely one-on-one. In groups, it is difficult, and often a waste of time and energy.

Compounding this are clunky, text-heavy learning management systems that remove the crucial emotional connection between teacher and student.

It’s often essential to convey or read vocal tonation or facial cues. This can inform a teacher of a student’s comprehension or emphasize to the student a valuable lesson. While there are synchronous Zoom calls, after more than a few people, even Zoom for education is vitiated. Again, one-on-one voice and video messages are the solution.

Up until now, this has not existed. Distance learning tools were causing teachers to suffer for a while, and the Coronavirus brought these pains to light in an ugly way.

While our team product will still be made available, we’re now doubling down our focus to education by creating a product specifically for distance learning.

We put a lot of thought into this platform. Our decisions were informed using insights and feedback we received personally with Reverb Record from teaching professionals all over the world.

We want Reverb to be a portal where distance learning can be effective, instead of a mere convenience for parties not in the same room. To start, we’ll have voice and video messages, classrooms and assignments, an inbox, and the ability to share messages outside the platform.

We also want to hear from more educators! Please reach out at hello [@] reverb [dot] chat with any thoughts you have about remote education and how we can improve it.

We believe the distance learning experience has gone overlooked for too long, and we’re committed to making it great.

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