Speek Is Now Reverb Record

Speek Is Now Reverb Record

Speek is now Reverb Record.

This means speek.link redirects to record.reverb.com.

All the previous Speek recordings, embeds, and Tweets also redirect. Anything previously recorded will still play, same as before, just on a different website. If you have any errors, please email hello [@] reverb [dot] chat.

Reverb Record is a free voice note recorder from Reverb.

Reverb is a voice first work communication tool.

The number one challenge for fully remote workers is communication (27%). Social opportunities is the second-biggest challenge (16%), loneliness and isolation the third (13%). [Source]

Reverb is the solution to this and a lot more.

Reverb makes sending thoughts to your team quick and personal. It’s off the cuff for ideas, quick feedback, directions, and fun.

Read about the Reverb mission here.

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